Below is a collection of selected content that highlight my expertise. To see my complete writing portfolio, head over to my MuckRack page. You can also check my GitHub profile for my experience with creating documentation for Web3 developers.

Comprehensive Guides

As a technical content writer, I specialize in creating content on Web3 and blockchain technology for technical audiences (developers) and non-technical audiences alike.

My technical content writing strives for accuracy, flow, and credibility, while distilling complex topics into helpful and easy-to-understand ideas for readers.

Thought Leadership

I also enjoy sharing my views on trends in blockchain technology. Here are some thought leadership pieces well-received within the Web3 community:


My background in journalism means I often write opinion pieces on blockchain-related topics in my free time. I believe the best kind of writing is one that presents a point of view and persuades readers to take a stance.

What can I do for you?

As a freelance technical content writer, I excel at communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences. Especially if you need to build an effective developer marketing program, my expertise in creating developer-focused content can help you achieve your objectives.

Need my technical content writing services for your blockchain company or media outlet? Get in touch.